We are pleased to announce the availability of our PeerlessEDI product for January 2005 using Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine. For companies with higher volume EDI processing requirements, this product is a perfect fit. Companies with larger order volumes may have a need for EDI as a multi-user system, especially for their shipping functions. Also due to these volume requirements, speed and dependability of the underlying database are imperative.

PeerlessEDI was designed from the beginning to address the business needs of EDI without requiring the user to be versed in the technical side of EDI. Although the communications function of retrieving the EDI orders can be initiated by the user, most implementations are set up in an unattended mode allowing the communications to be accomplished overnight.

When the user first starts PeerlessEDI, they are presented with a navigation screen, which allows them to select functions like importing EDI orders. The orders are first run through a pre-process function to check for errors, both technical and business. Items on the order must agree with the user's item list and prices must be within a user specified variance. Many similar checks are performed to help the user avoid errors in the order processing function. This import function can also be set up to run overnight so that orders will be ready for review at the beginning of the workday. If any errors are encountered overnight, they are put aside so they can be reviewed by order processing personnel in the morning.

Once the orders are processed, and the order is to be shipped, there are interfaces to the shipping modules that allow the user to produce UCC128 labels and ASN documents. These ASNs can be produced as one per carton for the small package carrier, one ASN per order or a Consolidated ASN can be produced for a total shipment.   The Shipping module has the ability to enforce EDI order compliance to prevent over or under-shipping.

Once the order has been shipped and it is time to invoice the shipment, invoices can be produced as one per order or as a consolidated invoice if required.

PeerlessEDI also checks that outbound documents are acknowledged within a user specified timeframe, and that orders received are invoiced within a user specified timeframe.

Many EDI partners have chargeback policies that penalize their vendors for any mistakes. PeerlessEDI, with its extensive error checking and attention to detail, helps the user to avoid these costly chargebacks.