PeerlessEDI provides your company with a Business Interface between EDI and your Order Processing System.

Documents Presently Included in our Solution

810, 816, 820, 846, 850, 852, 855, 856, 860, 864, 875, 880, 940, 945, 997, GS1-128

System functionality

Communications scripts allow communications with multiple networks
Available for Microsoft SQL server
Outbound document batching
Ability to schedule unattended EDI sessions (orders are processed at night)
Notification of Orders Received and Time of reception for unattended processing
Receive EDI data and network reports separately
Translate all received EDI data
Syntax validation
Control number enforcement
Custom control number generation by customer
Audit trail of documents handled - including EDI envelope information
Password protected operation
Functional acknowledgment creation for received documents
Automated functional acknowledgment verification for sent documents
Trading Partner profile entry, edit, viewing
Multiple version support for ANSI X12
Handles unlimited trading partners

Preprocessing routine to avoid error corruption
Interface with Warehouse RF systems
Easy to use low tech interface
Ability to print a formatted report of many EDI documents
Extensive error checking and error reporting
Invoice total amount verification
Direct integration with existing order processing system
Easily resend "lost" documents
Extensive editing and checking of EDI data
Extensive cross-reference capability (item numbers, Ship-to locations, carrier)
Designed to eliminate double data entry
Designed to eliminate charge-backs for errors on EDI documents
Turn-around capability for data not used by your application system
Notification of orders received and not invoiced
Creates Bulk Picking report by Customer
Option to hold orders received until user specified date
Shipping module allows ASN and UCC128 label generation (Pick-Pack and Standard Pack)
Shipping module enforces EDI order compliance to prevent over or under-shipping order
Complete flexibility for creation of UCC/EAN-128, SCC-14 and other required labels
Unique UCC128 label number generation
Ability to reprint individual labels or print additional labels when needed