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Peerless Data Systems - Providing Affordable Technology Solutions.

Our technical staff is trained in many development languages that include Cobol, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Perl, CGI, HTML and Java. Our applications experience includes EDI, Financial, Manufacturing and Distribution Systems, Inventory Control and Order Processing/Billing.

Products and Services:

PeerlessEDI, our Integrated EDI solution, interfaces with systems such as: NCR Counterpoint, Axapta, MAS90, MAS200 and RealWorld.
PeerlessEDI retrieves, verifies, and passes EDI orders to the host application, creates ASN's, GS1-128 labels, EDI Invoices,
and many other EDI documents and reports.

OutboundEDI, allows medium sized companies to reduce their order lead time by eliminating many steps in the ordering process.
Purchase Orders are pulled directly from the host application to create EDI purchase orders that will be sent to the respective vendors.
This does away with the time-consuming process of mailing, faxing, or emailing Purchase Orders.
The EDI process includes the return of a functional acknowledgement, so you know if and when POs are received by your vendors.
The Receiving of shipments and Payables process are also streamlined.

ShippingASN, allows ASNs and GS1-128 labels to be automatically generated after the order is selected.
Pick/Pack carton information can be read directly from your shipping system by scanning the carton number which then
prints the 128 label and creates the ASN.
Manual Pick/Pack carton information can be entered to create the ASN and GS1-128 labels.
Once the shipment leaves your facility the ASNs are posted, time stamped and sent to your customer.

We provide EDI out-sourcing solutions for clients who desire a worry-free EDI solution.

We have done extensive windows-based GUI application development.

We provide technical development resources to supplement our client's internal staff.

We Design and host websites.

We provide Complete WAN and LAN solutions.